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Counselling is a talking therapy which offers you an opportunity to explore aspects of your personal life and to recognise the emotional difficulties that you may feel unable to share with friends or family.  Sometimes a trained professional listener is needed to help in regaining our sense of personal balance.

Working in partnership we will enable you to access your inner resources and find ways to make your situation more manageable and to cope with the demands and challenges of life.  I work with you, with who you are rather than what might be regarded as your problem. You have a unique experience and perception of what is troubling you.  Whatever has led you to seek counselling, you will be welcomed and supported with respect and understanding.

Counselling offers a safe and supportive environment to reflect on your experiences, enabling you to find new ways to accept or resolve your problems, a different perspective, and the ability to move forward with your life.  As you are reading this you havetaken the first step towards bringing about positive change.