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I work with adults and young people (from 11 years old) covering a wide range of counselling issues.  Modern life and the ever-increasing rate of change can leave us feeling disorientated, demoralised and lacking in self-confidence. This results in many different personal challenges including depression, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, self harm, exam stress, low self esteem, loss, abuse and anger

We can work together to reduce the emotional pain, increase self-confidence, gain greater trust in yourself and others and create an improved sense of well-being.

I aim for you to be able to achieve the greatest benefit from your time with me in the least number of sessions. Counselling sessions are for 50 minutes and can be either weekly or fortnightly depending on your circumstances.  I offer both brief and open-ended long term therapy and we can arrange a single appointment or book several sessions over the coming weeks.  Many people feel counselling is making a difference within only 1-6 sessions.